August 15, 2020

About Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cat Images

Maine coon cats are thought to have originated in Maine. In fact, the Maine Coon is the official state cat. The other half of their name results from a myth believing they were the genetic result of mating between domestic cats and raccoon’s. This is an impossibility, but the legend was born long ago, probably due [...]

Gingivitis In Cats – What Are The Causes?

Gingivitis In Cats

I wanted to share this great article on gingivitis in cats and what are the causes? I just visited the vet with my 5 month old kitten who has been on an expensive diet (a diet that I feel is one of the best) and the vet tells me she has gingivitis. To my surprise  I [...]

How to Care for Your Senior Cat

Senior Cat

Like people, your cat will need a bit of extra help as they get older. This could be a change in their eating habits, however more often it’s because older cats are more prone to illness. It is important for the health of the animal that you learn proper cat care for your senior cat. [...]

Table Foods You Should Not Be Feeding Your Pet

Table Foods You Should Not Be Feeding Your Pet

I found this article extremely beneficial in showing me which foods to avoid feeding my cat. I fall into the typical trap of giving my kitties food from the table. I think, aww… my kitty will love what I’m having for dinner and I automatically give her food from my plate. I hadn’t considered that [...]

Cat Shedding: Top 7 Tips to Manage the Fallout

Cat Shedding

This is a fantastic article I discovered to help minimize cat shedding throughout your home. It gives great tips to preventing loose cat hair that unknowingly accumulates around the house to a minimum on upholstery and furnishings. I can truly relate to this article as I recently had a house guest come over who was wearing a [...]

Discover What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Pet Insurance for Your Cat

Pet Insurance For Your Cat

We all love the cats in our life and this of course means that we want to care for them whenever they become sick. The problem that we face however is that in order to help our cat through any illness we will be have to be faced with expensive vet bills. Those that have [...]

Which Is Better… Wet or Dry Cat Food?

Wet or Dry Cat Food

This is an interesting article on the topic of whether to feed your cat canned or dry food. I have recently been researching the subject myself and to my surprise found that the experts seem to be saying that you should be feeding your cat canned food exclusively. I’ve always been under the impression that [...]

Cat Immersion Project: Reveals Cats Aid Emotional Healing

Internet's Cat Obsession Justifies Itself In Cancer Ward

Checkout this amazing and heart-warming story of healing with cats. It never ceases to amaze me the many ways that a cat can help humans heal physically and emotionally. There are statistics showing that people who own cats live longer and have lower blood pressure than those who don’t own a cat. There are also those who suggest [...]

Cat Worms… Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Cat Worms Symptoms and Treatments

“All kittens are born with worms”, this is what the vet said to me while I was having a stray kitten treated for an upper respiratory infection. That little stray kitten turned out to be our Lydia, who originally made her way into our yard through the small holes (1¾ inch x 1¾ inch) in [...]

Uncover the Mystery of Why Cats Purr

Why Do Cats Purr

As a cat owner, I love the hypnotic sound of a cat’s purr. But, I’ve always asked myself the question, “Why do cats purr?” So, I decided to do some research on the topic and found some interesting answers. Weird Science – My Homegrown Investigation The initial investigation started right here in my own home [...]