May 25, 2024

Cat Lover’s Diary Book

After creating The Cat Lover’s Diary Movie I wanted to continue to inspire cat lover’s by creating a printed book of the diary that everyone could physically touch and enjoy. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues with the photos I was unable to use the imagery from the movie for the printed book. However, thanks to the insight of my wonderful Goddaughter, Kayla, she suggested I use images of my own feline family. I was a bit relectant, but after some gentle persuasion from family and friends I decided to create this coffee table book from images of my own kitty family taken by my husband and me which includes heartwarming quotes and inspirational insights…. I hope you enjoy The Cat Lover’s Diary Book as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Please come back often and visit the for great content, teaching you how to protect, pamper and live peacefully with your pet and get great advice on cat care tips and training to take the best possible care of your cat so they will enjoy a long and healthy life!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through my contact form.

Warmest Regards,
-Velita Livingston

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