May 23, 2024

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Cat Training And BehaviorHello, this is me with my cat Neko… my lifelong love and passion for cats has given me the inspiration to create The Cat Lover’s Diary. I hope you enjoy the Cat Lover’s Diary movie as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

I have eleven cats of my own that I have rescued over the years… Alfred, Domino, LBJ, Liberty, Neko, Ollie, Penelope, Sammy, Sasha and my two newest additions, Chiwa and Lydia. Liberty was the first cat to join our kitty family and like the old saying goes, “Cats are like potato chips. You can never have just one”… is definitely true in my case.

All my cats have a rather unique story to tell about how they arrived at my doorstep, but Ollie (aka Mr. Bubbles) has a miraculous and unique story to share of his own. Click Here To Read Ollie’s Story

My goal at the Cat Lover’s Diary is to give fellow cat owners well researched quality articles that provide expert advice on cat care tips. Moreover, to create a resource for pet owners to obtain high quality content regarding the health of their pets and advice on how to handle pet health issues. Also, pet parents who are experiencing behavioral problems can find articles and resources on cat training to help them resolve their cat behavioral problems.

Please come back often and visit the for great content that teaches cat owners how to protect, pamper and live peacefully with their pets. Also, get great advice on cat care tips and training to ensure the best possible care of your cat so they will enjoy a long and healthy life!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through my contact form.Velita Livingston, EzineArticles Diamond Author

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-Velita Livingston

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Please Welcome Two New Additions…

Cat Pictures Dice GirlsWe have two new additions to our kitty family! We call them the “Dice Girls” because they are sisters and both are matching with white coats and black spots (I didn’t want to call them the Cow Girls, lol.)

The first sister who we named Lydia just appeared one morning in our yard while surrounded by our other nine cats who were staring at her as if she were an oddity. Then it hit me, she actually was an oddity because she was inside our cat fence which is protected by a seven foot “cat proof” grid of fencing which has little holes that are only 1¾ inch x 1¾ inch. The other notable “oddity” about Lydia was that she was tiny, only about four weeks old and weighed about 16 ounces (a little cutey). Apparently, our fence is “cat proof” but not “kitten proof”!Cat Photos Lydia

After a week of our family adjusting to this new addition, one evening I went out on our deck to feed the “crew” and heard a little tiny kitten crying out “beyond the line”. My husband watches too many war movies, so anything beyond our 4,000 sq. ft. fenced-in yard is called “beyond the lines”.  So, from our “observation deck”, we looked and listened intently to try and zero in on the sound of the cry. I finally spotted it (no pun), a tiny little 8 ounce dairy cow, err umm, kitten! Cat Images ChiwaThere she was, a pitiful little stray kitten. My husband has a rule, if anything is “beyond the lines” we let nature take it’s course, otherwise we would own a thousand cats. So, I woefully relented and went back inside for the night. I guess we underestimate the bond of sisters because the next morning I went out to feed our cats and there were two little kittens frolicking together INSIDE the cat fence! Anyways, that little stubborn kitten eventually became our little Chiwa who was named by my husband, he said, “she looks like a starved Chihuahua”. It didn’t take long for them to fatten up and be fit as a fiddle, after eating the rich diet that our cats indulge on living in our kitty paradise. Now, they are doing circles around the rest of the kitty family and keeping the older cats in shape.

 Meet My Kitty Family…

Cat Pictures AlfredCat Pictures

Cat Photos DominoCat Pictures

Cat Images LBJ

Cat Pictures LibertyCat Pictures

Cat Photos NekoCat Pictures

Cat Images Ollie

Cat Pictures PenelopeCat Pictures

Cat Photos SammyCat Pictures

Cat Images Sasha

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