July 20, 2024

The Truth (And Myth) About Your Cat’s Food

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Pets are a source of joy, comfort and security in a hectic and fast-paced life. We let these furry creatures into our homes, into our lives and into our hearts and we treat them like members of the family – because they are. It’s easy to peruse the stocks of feline food available on any supermarket shelf anywhere in the country and believe that you are giving your cat adequate nutrition in order to encourage and support a long and healthy life – but does this diet really support their dietary needs sufficiently? Are there requirements that are often overlooked? When it comes to the best cat food to feed your beloved pet, experts disagree. One thing is certain. Giving your pet adequate cat food to suit their unique dietary requirements should not be overlooked if you want to maintain a long, happy and prosperous life with your feline companion.

Cat FoodDry cat food is often the go-to substance. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s tidy. But is it sufficiently nutritious to provide a happy and healthy life? Cats dietary needs have been examined for years, and a lot of veterinarians are turning away from the standard dry-food varieties for several reasons. Dry cat food often is not well-balanced, and it lacks in several nutrients that are required for a healthy and long life. Cats are predators at heart – they are hunters, and they require a very specific diet if their lives are going to be prolonged and enjoyable. Many dry cat foods lack in several key elements for a balanced and healthy diet. While there are proteins associated with dry cat food, the majority of the protein is derived from plants – not from animals. This deprives a cat of their natural, normal diet and can lead to health problems if the diet is not adequately corrected.

The cat’s dietary system is designed to be carnivorous. They simply are unable to digest plant-based proteins as well as they are able to digest animal proteins. Not all protein is identical, and if you unknowingly deny your cat the nutrition that their bodies require (as designed by nature and natural instincts), you may ultimately dictate that their nutritional needs remain unmet, and they’re far more likely to succumb to many natural diseases that may otherwise be kept at bay.

Additionally, the prolonged use of dry cat food has been irrecoverably linked with several common health problems like diabetes, hairballs, unnecessary obesity (a particular concern with indoor cats), kidney disease and more. Transitioning a cat away from dry cat food to canned or homemade cat food can act as a preventative measure to ward off a lot of these common – and often fatal – diseases before they ever appear. Because dry cat food is lacking in sufficient water levels, urinary diseases are far more prevalent in felines that subside on a solely dry diet. A cat’s instinct to drink is much lower than their instinct to eat. In nature, cats derive most of their water from their diet – and a diet of dry food alone does not provide adequate water levels to sustain a cat’s well-balanced nutrition.

Many cat owners are transitioning away from store-bought cat food brands altogether and focusing on a purely homemade diet for their loyal feline companions. While making cat food at home can be a time-consuming and intricate process, it also ensures (when practiced correctly) that your cat is receiving the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they need to sustain a long and healthy life, while avoiding much of the filler associated with store-bought brands. Packaged cat food contains unknown ingredients, while a homemade diet ensures that you know exactly what your cat is consuming – and you can strive to provide a well-balanced, thoughtful diet.

Natural cat foods can be purchased from holistic sites and are loaded with the nutrients that are required for a long, healthy and balanced life. These products provide exceptional levels of protein as well as vitamins not often found in dry, canned or processed brands. Velita Livingston, EzineArticles Diamond Author

It’s only natural that you would want your pet to live a happy and long life so that they can remain with you as long as possible. Taking appropriate steps to ensure that their dietary and nutritional needs are met is the first step towards overall health. It can provide you with peace of mind, which simultaneously ensuring that your cat is receiving exactly what they need to achieve optimal health. Adequate diet plays a vital role in overall health. When combined with regular checkups, lots of love and affection, your feline can enjoy a life full of fun and health.

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