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Gingivitis In Cats – What Are The Causes?

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Gingivitis In CatsI wanted to share this great article on gingivitis in cats and what are the causes? I just visited the vet with my 5 month old kitten who has been on an expensive diet (a diet that I feel is one of the best) and the vet tells me she has gingivitis. To my surprise  I asked the vet how does a kitten have gingivitis? So she gave a brief explanation that it’s sometimes hereditary, so I decided to dig a little deeper and I hit the internet and this is what I found.

Cats With Gingivitis – Causes and Natural Cures
by Madeleine Innocent

Cats with gingivitis; it’s a growing problem. It’s also a common problem. It is generally a painful condition for your cat to have. Eating becomes a problem – your cat is hungry, but as chewing is painful, she may run away from the food.

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. They become reddened, sore to touch and it can lead to loosening of the teeth. Gingivitis is very similar to stomatitis, which is technically an inflammation of the mouth.

Any inflammatory condition is deemed to be an infection, according to the medical and veterinary model.

This means that the first line of veterinary treatment is antibiotics. However, this does not address the cause of the inflammation, but simply the effect. This means that the condition is highly likely to return or simply not respond to treatment.

In addition, antibiotics are toxic to the system and lower the immune system, setting up further problems for the future.

The second line of treatment usually involves cortisone, which is a steroid. When steroids were first introduced, they were meant only for life and death situations, as the consequences are so dire. These dangers remain, despite the now common use of steroids for every condition that doesn’t respond to milder treatment.

Steroids damage organs, reducing the life of the user. They can cause serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases and cushing’s syndrome.

Again, the cause of the problem is not being addressed, so the condition may not respond or may return.

The ultimate veterinary treatment for cats with gingivitis is to have their teeth removed. Sometimes, all the teeth are removed. Not only is this draconian solution incredibly invasive and maiming to the cat, it usually is very expensive for you.

Even though this drastic treatment appears to sort out the problem, it still remains, as the cause has not been addressed.

The main (by a long way) cause of gingivitis in anyone is the diet. Despite the claims made by commercial cat food manufacturers, that they have the solution, the fact that this is a common and growing problem shows this to be untrue.

When you feed your cat a quality, natural diet, even if the cat is mature in years, the problem can disappear without any veterinary treatment at all. And if you start a kitten off on this diet, that can be a problem relegated to the past.

There are times when you do need to help your cat over this problem, such as if she has had extensive veterinary treatment. In these cases, homeopathic treatment offers you an excellent prognosis. But be warned that it is likely to return if you don’t feed her a quality, natural diet.

It is easy to cure cats with gingivitis when you know the cause and some effective treatment which does not simply deal with the effects of the problem.

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So, my vet treated our kitten with antibiotics and a dry dental diet food supplement (expensive again). But this article enlightened me on the whole gingivitis in cats topic and I am more aware now and can keep checking my cats teeth to keep an eye open for the signs and symptoms.

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