August 22, 2019

Living In Harmony Or Perhaps At War? Having More Than One Cat…

Cat Behavior In A Multi Cat Household

I have eleven cats and I can’t imagine any of them would want to be without each other. They live like brothers and sisters, one big happy kitty family and I can’t picture me living with only one cat either. For people who adore cats, having only one is never enough. Instead of having just one cat to call your own, you [...]

Learn Your Cat’s Body Language… Know Your Pet

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Meow! That’s the noise you hear when you meet your cat walking down the hallway. He will move with his head and tail held high, looking straight in your eyes and emitting a faint sound summoning you to follow him wherever he goes. That is your cat? Right? The fluffy little mass, whose behavior looks very unusual sometimes, and leaves you [...]