June 14, 2024

Living In Harmony Or Perhaps At War? Having More Than One Cat…

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I have eleven cats and I can’t imagine any of them would want to be without each other. They live like brothers and sisters, one big happy kitty family and I can’t picture me living with only one cat either.

For people who adore cats, having only one is never enough. Instead of having just one cat to call your own, you may have several. Those who have more than one cat understand that this is an excellent thing not only for the cat owner, but also for the cats as well. Cats like other cat company.

Are you currently thinking of getting another cat? Many people question if their cat would be okay with another cat joining their family. In the event your cat is alone for a lengthy period of time, then he might enjoy having another cat around for companionship. Older cats  will often develop a new lease on life when there is a new kitten brought into the home. There are some cats who do prefer their solitude though and territorial problems can cause difficulty.

Cat Behavior In A Multi Cat HouseholdA new kitten means having to undergo the frustrations of training another cat all over again. You’ll also need to consider the added expense of all the vaccines. If you add an adult cat to the house, this too can be a challenge simply because the cat will have to adjust to the new environment.

When choosing another cat to bring into your home, there is no need to get a cat that is the same breed as your current cat, however you might want to choose the best combination. For example; a Rex with his foolish behavior combined with a standoffish Russian Blue might not be the best blend. Cats with related traits may work better with one another. The Himalayan, Persian and also the Maine Coon breeds are so friendly that they will be able to adjust to any of the other breeds, even some of the most challenging breeds.

Set up a place for your new cat just before bringing him home. He might do better to remain in one area or your home until he adjusts to his new environment. Let him relax and settle in before you expose him to the rest of your family.

You’ll want to allow your original cat some time to adjust to having the new cat in his home. This might take a while, so be patient. For an easy transition, make sure he doesn’t need to share his litter box, his food or even his toys with the new cat. There are generally health reasons in addition to feelings that should be kept into consideration when it comes to this subject. Cats who are made to share a littler box may in fact choose to create their own area for a private box.

There are a lot of great benefits to having more than one cat. I believe one of the biggest reasons is that it provides more companionship for you and also for your beloved pets.

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