April 21, 2024

Tips on How to Stop Your Cat from Spraying

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Cats are affectionate and loving creatures that make wonderful pets and companions. For all their good points, one drawback of a having a cat is that sometimes it may spray its urine. While this may be unpleasant or even a real nuisance, it is a problem you can do something about with a little bit of effort.

When a cat sprays he is marking his territory and leaving a message to other cats that this is his territory. While both female and male cats spray, it is more common in males who have not yet been neutered. When a female sprays, it may be due to stress about her territory and she wants to mark the area as “hers”.

One thing you can do to help stop a cat from spraying (or to at least reduce the frequency) is to have them spayed or neutered. Getting your cat “fixed” makes sense for so many reasons, and preventing spraying is an added bonus. The surgery is simple and inexpensive, and the younger the cat is when the surgery is performed, the greater the chance they will not develop the spraying habit.

Cat SprayingIf, for whatever reason, your cat has not been “fixed”, or if he or she has already developed the spraying habit, there are other steps you can take to help stop them from continuing their spraying habit. One option that you may wish to try is low doses of veterinary anti-anxiety medications. These are especially useful when your cat sprays due to anxiety. Talk to your veterinarian to see if this treatment plan is the right choice for your pet.

If you feel that stress may be the cause of your cat spraying, then finding the source of the stress and addressing it may help your cat feel more relaxed and less likely to spray. Some common causes of stress in a cat include things like: a new baby in the home, a change in your daily schedule, having a new pet in the home, or even illness in the cat. If any of these are an issue, then it’s important to spend lots of extra time with your pet and make them feel comfortable, loved and secure in their place within your home. If the stress is due to illness, then a trip to the vet can take care of this problem.

Velita Livingston, EzineArticles Diamond AuthorIf your cat always sprays in a particular area, then there are mechanical devices on the market that can help. I have personally used motion sensor device in the past, with a lot of success, the motion sensor detects when the cat is in the area and it will spray a harmless aerosol to repel them. The cat soon learns to avoid the area. This may break the spraying habit. Some people recommend using an aerosol bottle to gently squirt their cat with water should they see them getting ready to spray. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations for what is best for your pet.

Spraying is one of the reasons that so many cats are abandoned each year. With a little effort, you can stop them from developing the spraying habit and you can enjoy a long and happy, spray free life with your cat.

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