June 14, 2024

What You’ll Need When Bringing Home Your New Kitten

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You are getting a new family member and it’s a kitten, you’ll want to compile a checklist of everything that you’ll need to care for your new kitten. Think of this kitten care checklist like a “cat owners manual”.

1. Cat food is the most obvious choice. It may seem like a no brainer but sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we run out of cat food for our pets, so be sure to stock up on your cats brand of cat food. It is essential that your kitty is eating a high quality food developed for kittens. If you purchased your kitten from a shelter, breeder or a foster home make sure he is eating the same food he received there to avoid an upset tummy from a sudden change in diet.

2. A kitty litter box is the next most important choice that you’ll make when preparing for a new kitten. You will need to scoop the poop everyday and also change the litter and wash the litter box out weekly. Also, keep in mind when choosing a litter box to make sure the box is shallow enough for your little kitty to easily enter and exit the box.

Kitten Care | Kitten Health | Kitten Training3. Cat toys are great things to have for new kittens as they have a lot of playful energy. Interactive cat toys are a great way for you to bond with your new kitten. However, your kitten will usually start playing with something else rather than the toy that you bought, like a wadded-up piece of paper. This is because your cat is absolutely thrilled at anything they can get their hands on whenever they’re in a playful mood.

4. A good vet is another important decision you’ll have to make and a reliable vet will definitely make sure that your cat receives the best medical care possible. You can try asking your friends with pets which vet they recommend or simply call the local animal shelters for any good recommendations on a reliable vet.

5. A brush for grooming your cat is vital. You will both build better bonds when you groom your cat and a brush also helps to control his shedding so he will have less fur to groom himself. This is definitely a good thing for your cat because with less fur, this will reduce the risks of hairballs going into his digestive system.

6. Nail clippers are another item you’ll need, as it is essential that your kitten’s nails are trimmed regularly. Most cats do not usually like to have their nails trimmed, so clipping your kitten’s nails early is another way for you to get them used to this procedure. You might want to give your kitten a little foot rub prior to clipping their nails, as this will encourage them to feel more relaxed and will make nail trimming a lot easier on both you and your kitty.

7. Having a warm toasty bed for your new kitten to sleep in is a plus as kitten’s love warmth. You’ll often see your cat following the sunshine along the floor or stretching out in front of the heat vents; this is because they know these are often the warmest places in the house. The best bed to purchase for your kitten is a bed that is either fully washable or one that has a washable and/or replaceable cover.

8. A scratching post for your kitten is another essential item for great cat care. Scratching posts are an excellent way to ensure mental health and awareness when caring for your new kitten. Kittens love to climb and by purchasing a scratching post, you’ll know how to keep your kitten active, agile and strong.

These are just a few items you’ll want to have on hand when your new kitten arrives, you might also consider buying a small kitty condo or crinkle tunnel for playtime and fun. Congratulations and good luck with your new kitten, with the proper cat care your new kitty will enjoy a long and healthy life!

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