June 14, 2024

Introducing a New Kitty to Your Existing Cat…

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So, you read somewhere that introducing a new kitten into your home could be great for your current cat for companionship. And you remembered how much fun your cat was when she was a kitten, and you might love to re-live those glory days.

It’s generally thought that cats thrive better with the company of one more feline, particularly cats limited indoors. However, before you rush off to your local cat shelter or breeder, here are a few suggestions to make bringing home a new kitten as relaxed as possible.

Choose a time when your home is not too active and you have the time and energy to dedicate to your brand new kitty and your existing pet, avoid holidays, for example, or some other occasions when family and friends tend to visit.

Before bringing home the new kitten, take her to your animal medical practitioner to get her examined in addition to vaccinated, kittens possess fragile immune systems and are generally more likely to pick up something at the shelter or perhaps cattery. Consider adopting a kitty of the opposite gender to your current cat, this will steer clear of same sex competition and also associated issues. For several reasons all your felines should be spayed/neutered.

Cats | Cat Care | Cat Behavior | Kittens | PetsIf possible arrange to bathe your new cat at a friend’s house before you bring it home, this will neutralize kitty’s odor, and go along way in preventing further disturbance with your current cat.

A shorter isolation period is important when presenting a completely new cat. It would be ideal to have a separate room for the brand new kitten; your new kitty will need her own litter box, water and food bowl. A few cats will hide out beneath furniture for a few days, much more adventurous ones will be eager to investigate their new house almost straightaway. Don’t try and pressure your new kitten to leave the area, you’ll know when she is ready.

Give your new kitty time to explore your house while your older cat is in another area. Help make the introduction, slowly, bit by bit, it’s an excellent idea to allow your current cat the opportunity to smell your new kitten’s blanket a couple of times before they actually meet. Help make the preliminary periods of contact short. Progressively increase the time they invest together as they get used to one another. It’s not uncommon for them to end up having a couple of quarrels in these first meetings, therefore do not let them be together unsupervised for long periods until they get along. If a fight should break out, distract the combatants and get them directly into individual rooms as soon as possible, never punish either cat.

The process of introducing a new kitten to an older cat can be relatively relaxed and need not be full of problems. The bottom line is making the introduction slowly, and perhaps the best idea would be to give your more mature cat just as much attention as well as affection as you give the newcomer.

Before long you will have two feline friends that enjoy each others company.

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